Things you may need to know

What we Bring


 - What we Bring -

Approx 25-30 Small Farm Animals
- Including -




Guinea pigs

Small Goats


Farm Dog 



(all animals are subject depending on availability at time of the event)  

One Staff member - more staff can be requested at an additional cost.

Farm yard enclosure approx 7x7m - Can be set up in different shapes with one entry/exit gate. The pen can be arranged into any shape or size to fit all backyards, and can even be set up under a carport or in a garage.

Feed and Cups - Children can interact with the Friendly Farm Animals

Plastic Chairs - children can sit and cuddle farm animals

Hay Bale - creates atmosphere and provides seating for adults

Cover - Can not be put up on days of high wind

Hand Sanitiser - Hand sanitiser is available to patrons



 - Weather - 

Please keep weather conditions in mind when picking a site for the farm to set up.

 If a shady treed area can be provided on warm days, and a sheltered area on windy days, the animals will be more relaxed and children will have a better experience with animal interaction.

WET- Nurseries will still go ahead in wet weather.  Myuna Farm mobile Ark bring wet weather covers (3x3m) to all events. However if the site has a garage or undercover area this may be better suited and the nursery can be setup on concrete.


Please advise us if we will be setup on concrete or astro turf as we will bring ground cover with us.

EXTREME HEAT - Myuna Farm Mobile Ark reserve the right to cancel the event on days of extreme high temperatures. If this happens deposit will be refunded.  

In days of high temperature you can help by filling some recycled  bottles with water and freezing them.  The farmer will place the bottles in the pen for the animals to relax on.


Site Requirements


 - Site Requirements - 

  • Flat area to set up, Slightly sloping site is ok.

  • Grassed/mulched area is best, but can set up on concrete. 

  • Access for a car and trailer, close as possible to setup site, with a clear path no more than 20 meters for equipment to easily be moved from trailer to site.

  • Access to Fresh Water  (if not available please advise prior to event day)

  • Larger events - Parking  for car and trailer next to set up yard (staff need to be able to put animals back in trailer for rest breaks etc,)

  • Consider the amount of equipment required  to be carried into the site when choosing an area for the set up of the farm, long or difficult distances can encroach on the "play" time with the animals

  • Cleanup - staff will give a quick sweep after when setup on concrete/fake grass but please be advised there will be a slight mess left behind.

  • Please advise if site is on concrete or astro turf.  We can pack fake grass for the added comfort of the animals and it will help keep the area clean

  • Arrival time is half an hour before booked time. Please ensure site requirements are adhered to

Frequently Asked Questions


How many children can enter the pen?

On average for a birthday party aprox 20 children enter the pen This number can however vary depending on the energy levels of the children and number of adults entering with them. 

This number is increased with the pen size for fetes.

What size is the pen?

Birthday parties the farmer will leave a couple of gates in the van.  The smaller pen allows the children to have a closer experience with the friendly farm animals. The same number of animals is brought to every function.

 5x5m (can be arranged into differnt shapes)

7x7m maximum size setup for large functions

Can we get a discount for fundraiser events?

Sorry our prices are already kept very low therefore we have no margin for additional discounts.

Can I tentatively hold a date?

Dates can only be held when deposits are recieved.

- Tips for childcare and school visits -

Create a roster

Allocate times for each group to be entering the pen and have the next group ready at their start time. This will ensure there is no down time in the pen and you get the most of the visit.