Site Requirements


  • Flat area to set up, Slightly sloping site is ok.

  • Grassed/mulched area is best, but can set up on concrete. 

  • Access for a car and trailer, close as possible to setup site.

  • Clear path no more than 20 meters for equipment to easily be moved from trailer to site.

  • Larger events - Parking  for car and trailer next to set up yard (staff need to be able to put animals back in trailer for rest breaks etc,)


  • Access to Fresh Water  (if not available please advise prior to event day)

  • Consider the amount of equipment required  to be carried into the site when choosing an area for the set up of the farm, long or difficult distances can encroach on the "play" time with the animals

  • Cleanup - staff will give a quick sweep after when setup on concrete/fake grass but please be advised there will be a slight mess left behind.

  • Please advise if site is on concrete or astro turf.  We can pack fake grass for the added comfort of the animals and it will help keep the area clean

  • Sunny day?  whilst we have umbrellas, is there a natural shade source

  • Wet weather? we do provide cover but do you have a suitable covered area we can set up under garage, carport, shelter

  • Arrival time is half an hour before booked time